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This page is intended to compliment the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc rune sets that are available from the Craft Shop.


Download and keep a printer-friendly PDF version of this guide. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will find a simple guide to casting your first runes. Also, you can download a piece of music that I have created using sound samples from (credits given in the mp3 tag for the song). The music may be helpful in your meditation over the runes and also tells the tale of the gathering of the Slipper Limpet shells and their creation into the Futhorc. I sometimes also have ritual shell rattles which are handmade with wood, leather and shells. They are good for meditation over the runes too. Here's their sound clip!

āc - Oak Tree


Strength, (potential) power

ōs - Mouth


creative power in the Arts

ȳr - Yew Bow


in the right place for a given situation

īor - the World Serpent, Eel


the hardships that none of us avoid, but that we should not worry about as we have no need to

ēar - (our bodies decomposed) Soil of the Earth, the Grave


the Circle of Life & Death, an/the unavoidable end

feoh - Cattle, Wealth


Power, Control, Wealth, new beginnings

ūr - Auroch


Power (that we don't weild ourselves), also Healing Power

þorn - Thorn (Giant)


Protection, warning of change

æsc - Ash Tree, Mouth (Divine Breath)


Stability, Order, Life, Creation

rād - Wheel, Ride


focusing energy to obtain goals

cēn - Torch


Knowledge and the Wisdom to use it

gyfu - Gift


the connection between people created by the exchange of gifts, the gift of life from the gods

wynn - Joy


Balance, Friendships, good things coming

hægl - Hailstones


A temporary obstacle to a given situation that will pass in time

nȳd - Necessity, Need, Angst


needs can restrict, but also enable, a goal

īs - Ice


Wait for a change to allow continuation on the path

ēoh - Yew Tree


Facilitator: the close of one chapter will open another

peorð - Dice Cup


the unpredictability of life, Memory, problem solving

eolh - Elk-sedge


Defence, Protection

sigel - Sun


Clarity, light in the darkness

tir - Creator, Glory


in a given situation, success without personal sacrifice

beorc - Birch Tree


new Beginning, Birth

eh - Horse


make use of our good intentions to achieve success

mann - the Human Race, Mankind


our own potential and shared experience

lagu - Water, Lake


the power of water, literally 'go with the flow'

Ing - the Hero (Yng), Fertility


spread of energy, protection of home

dæg - Day


Stability (between natural opposites)

ēðel - Estate, Home


true Wealth that cannot be sold (family, heritage, culture, etc.)

gēr - Harvest (Year, Season)


the Cycle of Life, encompassed by Nature

Remember that these notes are not necessarily literal meanings, but can be interpreted. Rather than expecting the runes to tell the future on their own, you should have a question in mind, meditate upon it and pick runes from the bag blindly at random. Consider their meanings in the search of the answer to the question or path of life you have in mind.


To begin with, you could pick just one rune at random and consider its meaning as an overview in relation to your question, or you could use the 3 rune pattern where you lay 3 random runes in a line from left to right and they represent the Past (things that have affected the question, led to this point) the Present (the Action required or Challenge facing you) and the Future (the Outcome) in relation to your question. As you become more practised, you could try increasing the number of runes that you pick out or changing the cast pattern that you use: there are some excellent resources online to guide you.