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beorc - eolh - gēr


Sounds are powerful.


When you go to a place that you like, it is the sounds and smells that will often transport you back to that place once you've moved on from it.


Some places on earth are doorways back to the essence of the power of Nature... the crashing waves on the shore, ancient woodland and the damp and mossy woodland floor... pure places and their smells and sounds.


Sound can be a vehicle to help us travel back to another time, we all have links back to it, but they are easily lost and forgotten.


This recording wants to help you travel back to the roots, the circle of Life within Nature (gēr). The Earth Goddess calls to us of the Birth of all, new beginnings (beorc) and offers her embrace of protection (eolh), let your mind travel back to that, even for a short time... get back to the essence of Life.



The recording is available for only £1.20 (inc VAT) from my Etsy shop as an mp3 download. 50% of the profit (40 pence per download) I will donate to the conservation charity the Woodland Trust, who strive to protect our majestic and wonderful native woodland, work to educate and also plant new trees.


In producing this piece, I made use of several resources from - click here to see the full list of credits.


You can hear a bit about it in the instagram link below:


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