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The best way of reaching the widest audience with my craft items is online and although my little workshop space is small, the customers I can reach through my Etsy shop are across the globe!


The shop has modest beginnings, but things are starting to take off and I am so grateful to have already sold craft items across Europe, Canada, the USA and even Malaysia.


My vision is not mass-production, but to produce one-offs and low-volumes from deadwood, wind-fall, off-cuts or by-product materials that I come across whilst gardening, or that I can gather from the seashore or out and about amongst Nature.


A lot of the pieces are inspired by the Old Ways, Celtic, Norse and Anglo-Saxon nature-based Pagan religion or simply by the wonder of Nature herself. I've recently opened a new section of the shop - 'Inspired by Antler Hill'. Got a page about it all here.


I also have a teepublic online store that ties in with the Nature-themed crafting; you can get t-shirts, mugs, stickers, phone cases... all sorts there!


I hope that you find something that interests you, please pop by!


You can purchase my craft work from Etsy and associated merchandise from teepublic! Here's some examples and links to both shops:


Art & Crafting

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I include a lot of the artwork that I have done in either the Etsy shop or the Teepublic storefront. Most of the time it is the original artwork being sold, too. Sometimes though, as in the case of Teepublicn stuff, I reuse my art over and over.


The art is usually in pen and ink or pencil and will often include acrylic paints.


Nature and music are my main inspiration and I drew from a lot of other stuff that I have always been into as well - a good example on the left here is the famous horror-genre author of the early 20th Century - HP Lovecraft.


If there is any artwork that you would like to commission or a collaboration that you would like to propose, please get in touch to talk over ideas!

click here to see these as greeting cards in my Zazzle shop!

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