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Antler Hill Arts...

There is an artistic duo, Neil and Jessica Griffin, who form Antler Hill. Bringing together arts, music, storytelling and a passion for championing the raising awareness of stuttering and working on anti-bullying projects in schools. They have a quirky, unique feel to what they do and they bring that to life with imagery of scarecrows and spookiness.


You can find out more about their work on their website, Antler Hill Arts.


This Summer (2018) they have a new album on the way, 'Lost Harvest 2: Shadow Falls' amongst other projects, and I wanted to use my art to help spread the word about what they do.


As part of this plan, I have opened up a new section in my Etsy craft shop that is called 'Inspired by Antler Hill'. There's all sorts in there, please pop over and have a look!


I've also put together a small poster/flyer. You can download it here as a PDF if you want to use it to help spread the word! If you want the JPEG of it, just click on here instead. The rose was from a bunch I was drying out and I took the photo of it on some late snow we had this year. I felt that the snow was symbolic of the album being released in Summer, but the dark mystery of Shadow Falls contrasted by the opposite of Summer - cold, snowy Winter.


Please check them out!


one of the trailers from the band for the upcoming album

A vlog by Neil that you should watch!

Please head over and subscribe to the Neil Lee Griffin YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with stuff! The duo also have Twitter, Instagram, a Facebook page and of course the Antler Hill website.


Thanks for popping by!