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Well met, traveller....


Nature is a powerful, truly wonderful, thing and people have known this to be true from the most ancient times. In our modern world this truth has not been diminished, but can easily be forgotten in the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced, modern ways.


With my craft items I try to capture a little of that ancient majesty of Nature... using natural materials or old techniques - wood-burnt art, simple turning of wood, and so-on. To compliment the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc rune sets in the Etsy Craft Shop, I have written up a little guide to help you learn the ways of the runes; there is a downloadable/printer-friendly version available from the link on the Futhorc page.


Please explore to find music, handmade craft items for sale (new items regularly added) and for information about garden maintenance services. I also have a teepublic online shop that ties in with my Nature-themed items.


If you would like any further information, please get in touch!



Please pop by again soon!

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hand - crafted items that try to honour the Old Ways in my etsy store. The stock is is ever evolving as many items are one-offs that are listed as I gather certain materials and are then sold.

items that feature the 'earth goddess' image I drew, which I hope hark back to the majesty of Nature. This is my teepublic storefront.


Guardian of the Forest, keeper of the Circle, Mother of the Earth.


Spriggans and Fae Folk!